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Warm & Cozy Star - 2nd ANG Project -- April 21, 2006

The second project that I volunteered to stitch for the 2002 ANG Auction was the Warm and Cozy Star. Unfortunately, in the spring of 2002 my father was diagnosed with cancer and he passed away in June, 2002. Because of all of my family commitments I just wasn’t able to complete the Warm and Cozy Star. I hated to back out of my commitment but I thought it was better to back out then to possibly not be able to complete the project by the due date. I was able to complete stitching the ANG Log Trinket Box which is shown in an earlier blog entry. I contacted the Auction Coordinators to explain my situation. They asked me to send back the canvas and they would find someone else who could finish the project.

I had already planned out what stitches and fibers I was going to use so I wrote up a rough stitch guide and I mailed back the canvas with the stitch guide, the fibers and the canvas.

I’ve placed the picture of the completed project here so you can see what it finally looked like. I was only able to stitch a small portion of the canvas. I think the other stitcher did a wonderful job, don’t you?

I’m not sure who completed the Warm and Cozy Star (if I was told/e-mailed I don’t remember) but I’ve always wanted to thank them for helping.

Thank You mystery stitcher for completing the Warm and Cozy Star!!!

Windy Meadow

Originally Posted: April 21, 2006

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