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Shopping at my LNS & Princess and Me -- April 29, 2006

Well it’s been one of those weeks and I haven’t been able to pick up a needle! Argh!!!

On Thursday was “Take a Child to Work” and I took our daughter and son. Both of our children are very well behaved and they loved spending the day at work. There are all kinds of activities and demos to show the children what goes on. But that evening we all three were exhausted! I think that anytime that you do anything out of your normal routine it’s tiring.

But I was able to go to my LNS today for their anniversary sale. The Princess and Me trunk show which was scheduled for next week was there today! More stash enhancement! I didn’t realize that every one of their canvases comes with a stitch guide... More fun… I can see if I like the fiber selection or substitute my own!

I know that I can be a bit, ummm AR, but I think it’s funny that I’m putting the canvases back in numeric order as I’m going through them… Sigh… At the LNS they think I’m funny but thank goodness in a nice way!

When I went to check out everyone gets to select a small piece of paper to see what our special anniversary discount will be. I picked 15%... Yeah!!!

You can see the “Princess and Me” designs here;

I picked up the following ones today. All three of these are discontinued and I couldn’t find any of them on the “Prince and Me” website.

“Christmas on the Fourth” C310, a fourth of July Stocking.

“Red, White and Blue!” C376, a Patriotic Candy Cane.

“Fishing for Compliments” C317, I’m not that much into fishing but he’s really cute!

After some searching I found “Fishing for Compliments” on the PFOS website. It’s low on this page;

and then again on the Needle Nook of La Jolla website;

Sorry I couldn’t find the others…

I love the Heartstrings Designs by Pat Thode so I picked up HS5710, “Stocking Santa Ornament” today. You can see him at;

Soooo….. even though I haven’t had time to stitch, I’m still having fun!!!

In Windy Meadow where we need to see who won the HGTV Dream Home!!!

Originally Posted: April 29, 2006

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