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Lee Circle – August 7, 2007

I wanted to share this stitched and finished Lee Circle that my daughter did. This is the first piece that she stitched by herself and she actually finished the stitching!

She has tried needlepoint several times in the past but would get busy with school work and activities and she would put the piece aside. She quietly picked this up again in late spring and started working on it without letting me know.

I was so excited when she showed me that she had finished the stitching!

We visited our LNS and with the help of the staff, she considered placing it in one of the Lee boxes but she finally decided that she would like to have it finished as an ornament.

She loved how it looked when it came back from the finisher and is now hard at work on a Lee Kimono. We ordered the design, threads, and a stitch guide from a needlepoint shop as I thought she might enjoy seeing what someone else would design and it wouldn’t be coming from her mother. This has worked very well as she’s following their stitch guide, looking up stitches in my stitching books (which keep getting moved all around the house ) and is only asking me for help when she gets stuck or she wants my opinion as to how something is working.

I enjoy teaching needlework to children, especially the older teens, and I’ve found that they enjoy working on designs of the subjects that interest them. Many of the teens are interested in Manga, Anime, Japanese art, online gaming, etc. so I try to find patterns or design patterns that fit into these themes.

My daughter loves Egyptian and Japanese themes so we’ve tried to find designs that fit the themes that she likes. The Lee designs work beautifully!

Windy Meadow

Original Comments:

- Please congratulation your daughter for me. She's done a very nice job on this piece. I'm sure she'll have a lovely time with a Lee kimono, too! They are so lovely....
Jane, waving from CH where it is 85 degrees at 10:30 p.m.!!!

- Hi Jane,

I'll have my daughter read your lovely comment when she gets back. Right now she's on a sail boat in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. And yes, it's as hot here in Maryland as it is in Chilly Hollow. 100+ degrees today!
Windy Meadow

- Cynthia, tell your daughter thinking of you two stitching together led me (along with the ANG list's talking about embroidered pillowcases) to my latest post on my Blog. It's all about teaching folks to stitch, especially folks under 30. Which includes her. Does she need an embroidered backpack?
Jane of Chilly Hollow

- Cynthia--tell DD it is wonderful! She should be very proud of her, and we want to see pictures of the Kimono too. I taught nieces to stitch when they were young, and one is stitching bibs as we speak for the new baby due at the end of the month. She told me when we get to Chicago to visit her, I have to show her how to do French knots again--LOL, but she is stitching on airplanes while traveling for her job. I think it is great!
NC Pat – Needleart Nut

- Cynthia, Please give your daughter a big WOOHOO for me. She did a great job on her ornament. She (and you) should be very proud.
Kelly W.

- Hi Jane,My DD doesn't need an embroidered backpack thank goodness. I don't know how we would stitch through all that thick material!She does have patterns and enough embroidery floss to stitch on a jean jacket, etc. but so far she hasn't tried that as she's having a lot of fun this summer with her needlepoint projects!I loved the entry on your blog about teaching children. I'm going to post a comment on your blog and I'm planning on writing an entry here.
Windy Meadow

- Hi Pat,I'll have my DD read your comment so she can see for herself that you think her ornament is wonderful!You'll have to post on your blog about helping your niece relearn French Knots! :-)
Windy Meadow

- Hi Kelly,I'll definitely tell my daughter and I'll have her read your comment. She'll love the WooHoo! :-)She was very excited to get her ornament back from the finisher. I think it really made it real for her that she stitched the ornament and that it could be turned into something even more beautiful!When she left for her trip this week, she told me that she was going to enjoy the ship but she knew she would be anxious to get back to work on her Lee Kimono!WooHoo!!!
Windy Meadow

Originally Posted: August 7, 2007

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