Monday, May 5, 2008

North Star Santa – Finished!!! -- April 7, 2008

I promised that I would share a picture of my stitched “North Star Santa” once he returned from the finisher.

Here he is!

I think he turned out beautifully and will be a wonderful addition to our Holiday decorations!!!


Windy Meadow

Original Comments:

- Cyn--great job! He did turn out beautiful, and you need to send him to me so I can take a closer look! LOL
NC Pat -- Needleart Nut

- He's wonderful! I especially like the red braid all around him. That makes the white hair and beard really stand out. Lovely job, Cynthia.No, Pat, she needs to send him to Chilly Hollow first. I'm old with poor vision and have to see this in person....Jane, trying hard to get her grubby mitts on this delight
Jane of Chilly Hollow

- Thanks guys and keep your grubby paws to yourselves as he's staying here!!! :-)

By the way, "North Star Santa" will be offered by Janet Zickler Casey through the Shining Needle Society this summer.

So Pat you will be able to stitch him and add this fun canvas to your collection of "Santa Pops"!

Jane instead of wanting mine, how about you stitch your own "North Star Santa"? He's line drawn, and yes you do need to count but not that much. Come on over to the Counted Canvas side... To quote my daughter, we have cookies!!!

Or in my case dark chocolate! :-)


Windy Meadow

Originally Posted: April 7, 2008

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