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Basement Update -- Entry for April 28, 2006

The contractors are making excellent progress on our basement project!

Earlier I wrote that they had completed the framing and the initial electrical and plumbing.

The new windows have been installed and the dry wall started going up two weeks ago. They’ve made excellent progress! If you’ve never experienced this process, it’s a messy job! They put up the dry wall with screws and then they come back and tape and mud all of the joints. Then they sand to make it even and if necessary put on more mud. What a mess! When we go down to look around we make sure that we take off our shoes so we don’t track the mud and the dust through the house!

Now that the dry wall is done, they started putting up the baseboards and the doors this past week. It’s really starting to look like a real house! The plan is to finish the doors at the beginning of next week and then they will pain. You can really start to see how it’s going to look when it’s done. We can’t wait!

But we have a lot more planning to do! We finally picked out a bathroom mirror and two sconces. The next item is the flooring. Do we put down carpet, tile, or an engineered wood floor or a combination of all three? Hmmmmm, time to go down there with some painters tape and start marking off the floor. Then we have to pick out the snack bar and the display cabinet’s counter tops. What should we do for a backspash? We need to keep in mind that adults will be using this space but we are also planning that it will be heavily used by teenagers and pre-teens. Our son can’t wait to have his Birthday sleepover down there! We’ve had a wonderful time running around to our different large home improvement stores but it’s overwhelming. There are tooooooooo many choices!

I’ll keep you all posted!!!

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Originally Posted: April 28, 2006

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