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ANG 2003 Seminar Auction - XOctagon #33 -- May 1, 2006

In 2003 I volunteered again to stitch a project or two or three for the ANG 2003 Auction!

I enjoyed stitching the ANG Logo Trinket Box last year (wasn't that a fabulous finishing job?) but I felt that I had let the ANG Auction Committee down as I had not been able to fulfill my commitment to stitch the Warm and Cozy Star due to family obligations. Sooooo, I thought I would stitch at least two projects this year which ended up being three!

Now, please note that due to location and family obligations I wasn't able to attend the ANG 2002 Auction and I already knew I wouldn't be able to attend the ANG 2003 Auction. Aren't I a dedicated member? Volunteering my stitching and I won’t even be able to attend Seminar (am I pouring it on too thick?) Sigh...

The first project that I volunteered for was a Terry Gifford's, Kick Back & Stitch XOctagon. There were many of Terry's designs that we could select from as they had been set aside for the members of the ANG Discussion List. The one that I chose was XOctagon #33 which you can see here;

It was sooo hard to choose and you can see the other designs here;

You can read about Terry here;

We were mailed the chart pack and it wasn't until I read it so that I could go shopping for supplies that I noticed that this design used DMC Rayon Floss which is not one of my favorite fibers! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Noooooooooo...

Well I picked up all of my supplies at my LNS and I began to work. The design wasn't hard though I did have to wrestle with the DMC Rayon Floss. I completed the design and I mailed it off to the Auction Committee in plenty of time for the due date.

I enjoyed this project so much I picked up Terry's Legros which you can see here;

All designer and distributor proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research and education. I’ve started this project but I haven't completed it yet. Hmmmm, a project for another blog entry! And I thought when I started this that I wouldn't have a lot to say! Giggle, giggle, giggle...

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of my completed project. The ANG Auction pictures used to be hosted on another website as the website was designed and supported by ANG volunteers, not by the ANG Guild. Unfortunately, this site is no longer available so I can't share the picture with you! They grouped the XOctagons and then sewed them into wall hangings. If I remember correctly, there were four canvases placed one on top of each in each wall hanging. I really wish I could share the pictures with you but I didn't save a picture from the ANG Auction site!

Does anyone out there have a picture of the wall hanging that has XOctagon #33? If so, please send it to me. Thanks!

Yea! One project done - is there another project that I can do? Oh no, all of the XOctagon ornaments have already been selected! More later on my second project which I do have pictures of!

Windy Meadow

Update: Unfortunately, Terry lost her battle with breast cancer on June 24, 2006. Her designs are still available and I’ve been collecting them over the last few years. They are creative, fun to stitch, and very well written. Terry made it a point to write clear and concise directions for her projects as she had been frustrated when she tried to stitch designs that weren’t well written. I am very sorry that though we met through e-mail, I never had the opportunity to meet Terry in person.

Originally Posted: May 1, 2006

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