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Threads and Holiday Trees -- March 27, 2008

Jane asked if I was enjoying using the threads in the canvas of the month club kits.

Yes I do, but I must admit, I am familiar with all of the threads so far as I’m familiar with most thread lines. I’m fortunate that my LNS carries many different thread lines and the rest I can mail order.

I’ve been stitching for many (and I do mean many) years and I have quite a thread collection! Psst… don’t look at the several large plastic storage containers behind that curtain in the corner filled with threads!

I must admit I’m not a big fair of chainette threads as I do find myself using “interesting” language when they start to unravel and yes I know all of the tricks to stitch with them. And sometimes they still unravel!

I will even stitch with rayon threads when I want to achieve a certain look though I usually try to make sure I’m rested and there isn’t a lot of commotion/excitement going on. Now this is not easy to accomplish as we have two wonderful teenagers and their friends in the house. So finding a time when I’m rested and it’s also quiet is just about next to impossible!

I can now hum the theme music to World of Warcraft (yes I have a character, she’s now Level 16 and a Night Elf), and most Nintendo video games!

Jane also asked about my Raven’s tree with Edgar, Alan, and Poe. Well, they are now packed up till next Holiday season so I’ll try to remember to take a picture this year. Edgar, Alan, and Poe are the Raven’s Football team mascots. Ours are stuffed figures about six inches tall. We also have a fun Raven’s snowman which is about 14 inches tall who sits on the base of the table. You can read about the Raven’s mascots, on the Raven’s website at;

The garland on the tree is purple and gold footballs. We also have small Raven player nutcrackers, and small purple and small gold balls. This past year I found purple, white and black candy canes with the Raven’s logo. We also have many buttons from when the Raven’s went through the playoffs and won the Super Bowl.

Now I must admit that we are not big sports fans in this house (please don’t tell our co-workers) but I’ve had lots of fun finding these odds and ends over the years to decorate our tree.

Windy Meadow

Original Comments:

- Threads everywhere? Sounds like my kind of stash! Thanks for the information about the Ravens tree. I love the sound of that. It's great because of all the local connections you celebrate with a tree like that. As for Warcrack, sorry to hear you can hum the music now. Over in Chilly Hollow where the Internet connection is horrible, we only know the theme song for Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion….
Jane of Chilly Hollow

Originally Posted: March 27, 2008

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