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Entry for April 15, 2006

I promised pictures and I thought I would start with what I have stitched in past years for the American Needlepoint Guild Auction. In 2002 I volunteered to stitch the ANG Logo Trinket box. Unfortunately, right after volunteering and receiving the canvas, my father was diagnosed with cancer. Dad was diagnosed in April of 2002 and he passed away at the end of June. Most of the stitching that was done for this project was stitched sitting with my father and my mother in waiting rooms and in the hospital.

It’s amazing sometimes how your memories of an event are linked to what you were stitching at that time. This project helped me make it through some very difficult days and nights.

I kept the materials simple. I actually used DMC floss as I couldn’t find a silk that had quite the right shade of purple at my LNS. I did use silk on the angel. I then used Mill Hill beads for the gold stars. Since things were so hectic at that time I didn’t keep records of what stitches I used.

I thought I had done a very nice job on the stitching but I was absolutely amazed how it looked once it was professionally finished! Absolutely Fabulous! I am now convinced that a well stitched project can be made or ruined by the finishing and I think this box is an excellent example of a project that was elevated by a fantastic professional finisher. Believe me when I say that it didn’t look that good when I had just finished stitching the canvas!

It was hard sending this piece off to the Auction as I had invested so much time and emotion in its working. I hope that it found a wonderful home and I hope that you enjoy seeing the completed ANG Logo Trinket Box!

Windy Meadow

Originally Posted: April 15, 2006

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