Wednesday, May 7, 2008

“Candy Swirl Santa” -- May 7, 2008

The “Shining Needle Society” offered Janet Zickler Casey’s “Candy Swirl Santa” this past fall as a class. I love Janet’s designs so I quickly signed up. Once I finished the “North Star Santa” I added “Candy Swirl Santa” into my rotation.

I quickly stitched up the face but then ran into a challenge for the eyebrows. This is a line drawn canvas and on my particular canvas I only had four rows of pink face above the eyes to place the eyebrows on instead of five. The directions called for the eyebrows to be several rows of stacked stem stitch but this wasn’t working on this small area. I spent some time fiddling with this before I finally decided on over stitching the stem stitch twice to get a nice padded look with out him looking like he had a forehead full of hair! :-)

This past weekend, I stitched down the cotton padding for the first layer of the hat. I have started stitching the red ribbon which is going to go on over the padding. This has been lots of fun so far and I look forward to stitching on my Santa!

You can see Janet’s designs at;

The “Candy Swirl Santa” is at;

The “Shining Needle Society” will be offering more of Janet’s Santas this summer. You can read about the “Shining Needle Society” at;

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