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Pat’s Heart and my Daughter’s Interpretation -- February 4, 2008

I thought I would also share with you several pieces that my daughter has stitched since last summer. Now I have bought several canvases for her over the last two years. She would pick them up, stitch a little bit, and then put them down again. Well as I explained in my entry on, August 7, 2007 she quietly picked up a Lee circle this past summer and quickly finished the design without my knowing that she was stitching! Since then she has stitched several pieces but I wanted to share with you her second completed piece. First a little background information.

I joined the Needlepoint_etc Yahoo group as soon as it was formed. For several years there was a Secret Pal exchange. We would gather up fun needlework related items over a year and then send them to our Secret Pal at the end of the year. I’ve enjoyed the Secret Pal exchange for the years that it was organized, even though one of the boxes that I sent was misplaced on a Post Office shelf! Talk about being worried as many of the items could not be replaced!!! I've made some wonderful online friends through this Yahoo group.

During the last Secret Pal exchange, Pat Warner-Sorci had my name and she sent me a wonderful box of goodies. One of the items was a lovely needlepoint heart that she had stitched for me and framed. Pat stitched the heart but left the background unstitched. She then added a layer of shiny gold fabric behind the canvas when she framed the heart. It's beautiful and I have it in my dining room stitching area.

Pat explained in her note that this is a design that she created to show others how to stitch. It’s stitched with Watercolors so no two hearts are the same. I loved the design and asked her for the pattern as I thought it would be something my daughter might like to stitch. Of course, I already knew that I would like to stitch one for myself!

Not only did Pat send me the pattern, she also sent a kit for my daughter to stitch the ornament! Wasn’t that wonderful?

My daughter and I had put the canvas on the stretchers bars and I explained to her how to follow the pattern. I wasn’t home when she decided to start on the heart. When she picked up the canvas to start stitching, she didn’t pick up the Watercolors fiber that Pat had sent with the kit. Instead she picked up another skein of Watercolors that I had on the table (which was an absolute mess at the time) and stitched Pat’s heart. As you can see above, it’s full of cream, soft blues, and greens. Don’t worry, she’s saving Pat’s Watercolors for her next heart.

She had so much fun stitching the heart she didn’t stop stitching! She actually finished the heart in 2 ½ hours without taking a break! She had a lot of fun but she decided that she wouldn't do that again.

I was very surprised when I came home from work that night to see the finished heart!

My daughter decided that she wanted to have the heart finished as an ornament. The finisher added the ribbon bow and it turned out beautifully!

This is the second needlepoint piece that she started and actually finished so I thought I would share it with everyone.

She is very proud of her heart and it was displayed proudly on our Christmas tree this year!

We would both like to thank Pat for her enthusiasm and her generosity in not only sharing the pattern but providing a kit!

Thank you Pat!

Windy Meadow

Original Comments:

- Cyn, your daughter did a wonderful job! I love the colors! Are you sure she is just a beginner?
NC Pat – Needleart Nut

- Beautiful! I am thrilled to see what she has done, Cynthia. She's a natural stitcher, isn't she?Jane, waving from Chilly Hollow

- Hi,
Yes she was a beginner when she stitched this project. Now I'd call her an intermediate and well on to her way to being an advanced stitcher. Just wait to you see several of her other projects!I just love working with older teens as they are quick to learn and willing to try new things!
Windy Meadow

Originally Posted: February 4, 2008

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