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Tiger Ornament -- February 15, 2008

One of my needlepoint friends is Jane of Chilly Hollow. Jane has a wonderful needlepoint blog which you can see here;

Update: Due to Yahoo’s 360 difficulties, Jane created a mirror blog which is at;

Now that you are back from Jane’s blog, you did come back didn’t you? I thought I would share with you another project that my daughter stitched and finished this past year.

Several of us who had met through our blogs and emails decided to meet at the 2007 ANG Seminar in Baltimore, Maryland. When Jane heard that my daughter was a beginner stitcher, she offered to bring a new project to seminar for my daughter as Jane believes strongly in encouraging stitchers. My daughter was impressed that someone who didn’t know her would be willing to give her a needlepoint canvas.

Why is it kids are always more impressed when someone encourages them in their hobby or interests even when their parents are cheering on from the sidelines??? I probably was the same but I don’t think I want to ask my mother that question…

My daughter thought long and hard on the choices that Jane gave her and finally decided on the Lee White Tiger.

I brought the canvas home from seminar and we were off to our local LNS. She picked out Rainbow Gallery’s Petite Very Velvet for the shades of black and gray on the tiger. She then picked out a Splendor silk in blue, white, and black for the eye. She added one stitch of #32 (Pearl) Kreinik #12 metallic in the eye for interest. The nose was stitched using a pink Splendor silk. She added another texture by choosing a cream and darker tan Impressions thread for the lighter areas of the tiger. The Impressions is slightly fuzzy so it gives a furry look to the tiger.

She finished this project in several days while watching TV. So off I went to our local LNS to drop him off for finishing. She was busy that weekend and couldn’t come along so I picked out the threads for the braid/cord. I selected cream and gray DMC #5 threads and added a Kreinik #32 braid for some sparkle.

Well it didn’t take long for her tiger to return from the finisher and he turned out beautifully.

We both want to thank Jane for her generosity!

Windy Meadow

Original Comments:

- Very nice job! Cute ornament
NC Pat – Needleart Nut

- I'm blushing at the compliments! If you knew how many people have helped and enouraged me in my NP, you wouldn't be surprised I was paying them back by helping your daughter, Cynthia. The white tiger is spectacular!Please tell your daughter it is lovelier than I could have done. I hope she had a lot of fun with it. She picked some lovely threads and you did your part, Cynthia--you bought her great threads to use. So this is a 3-way collaboration, four ways if you count Theresa Lee the designer, who did a wonderful canvas.Jane/CH

- Hi,I'll tell her that you both like her ornament!As a volunteer I know that you don't always know if helping someone is appreciated. We both appreciated your support of her new hobby!Cynthia

Windy Meadow

Originally Posted: February 15, 2008

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