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2007 Stitching Goals

Many stitchers post their stitching goals for the year on their blogs. I think many use it as a way to keep motivated so that they actually finish several projects during the year. Now stop laughing! I know most stitchers post their goals in January but I'm trying!

I'm going to try a 2007 Stitching Goals list and we'll see how I do!!!

My first goal is to do a better job on updating my blog! I know, I know, I haven’t been doing a good job and you would think that as much as I can talk I wouldn’t have a problem writing things for my blog… It’s not a writing or idea problem, it’s getting the pictures off of the camera onto the computer and then onto the blog problem! I don’t have a problem with the camera or the computer, I just don’t seem to find the time to hook everything up and get the job done! I'm getting better though and I think I've developed a strategy that will help me update my log more frequently.

I’m going to start small for my stitching goals as I want to give myself a chance on succeeding…

2007 Stitching Goals

Completed Projects:

1. Black Eyed Susan’s ANG project for the ANG Silent Auction.

Status: Completed!!! Happy Dance!!!
No, this isn’t cheating as I actually did finish my portion of this project in February of 2007. I have pictures of the different stages which I’ll share with everyone soon.

2. Barbara Fox’s “Peace Star”

Status: Completed!!! Happy Dance!!!
I finished this in April of 2007. I have pictures of the different stages which I’ll also share with everyone soon.

3. ANG Baltimore Seminar Name Tag

Status: Completed!!! Happy Dance!!!
I posted detailed information on my August 4, 2007 and July 7, 2007 entries. Hopefully it will come back from the finisher in time for seminar.

4. Heartstrings July Flag, HS5607

Status: Completed!!! Happy Dance!!!
I started this last year. You can see Pat’s Heartstrings designs on the Artists Collection website at;

The July flag is actually on this page;

I just had to stitch the rest of the white background, the navy band, and the blue band. I finished it this past weekend. Yeah!

Projects I’m currently working on:

5. Cobblefield Road Cyber Workshop

Status: In progress.
The top of the Clam Shell border, Band 1, and the Starfle border is done. I’m working on Band 2. Since this is a class I can’t post pictures on my blog but you can see a picture of “Cobblefield Road” on the Yahoo Group main page;

6. Star Santa

Status: In Progress. Apx. ¼ done.
This was a class taught by Janet Zickler-Casey at the 2001 Seminar in Washington, DC. I found it again when I began organizing my stash. More on this project later.

6. Heartstrings Chimney Santa

Status: In Progress. Apx. ¼ done.
I’ve been working on this project very slowly since last summer. This is another design from Pat and I just love her folk art Santa’s as they make me smile. You can see this design on the website at;

The picture is in the thirteenth row. With each design, Pat provides a stitch guide that you can use and she also encourages you to get creative and create your own. I enjoy using her stitch guides as she has very interesting ideas and uses fun stitches in creative ways. She’s given me many interesting and creative ways of stitching Santa’s!

7. My Son’s Strictly Christmas Stocking

Status: On the stretcher bars, doodle canvas on the stretcher bars, and threads purchased.
This is on 13 count and I’m going to need to practice with the doodle canvas and the threads as I’m more used to working on 18 count.

8. My daughter’s Ornament
Status: In progress.

I’m also working on an ornament for my daughter but I can’t post any information here until I’ve finished the design and I’ve given it to her as she reads my blog. Actually she reminds me that it’s been forever since I last updated and I need to get the job done! I’ll take pictures as I work on the project and post them later.

9. Barbara Fox’s “Noel Star”

Status: On the stretcher bars and started.
I’m doing the background in basketweave so this is my “I’m too tired to think or traveling piece”.

10. Organize the Needlework Stash
Status: In progress.
The craft room is finished, the boxes to sort into are ready and everything has been moved to the basement. Now I just need to find some time on a weekend so I can start playing, I mean organizing my stash! Actually I did find time this weekend to organize what was in two boxes. Okay, one was almost empty but I'm counting it!

Well that’s it for my list. Yes, I know it’s only ten projects and four are already done, but I said I wanted to start small!

CynthiaWindy Meadow

Original Comments:

- Cyn--this is quite the list, and no one holds any against you for listing a complettion for the year! LOL We all have those we need to finish so they all count no matter what. We will watch and applaud and offer encouragement along the way--especially if you post those promised photos. LOL
NC Pat – Needleart Nut

- Thank you!And I'm working on downsizing the photos so I'll have lot's to post soon!
Windy Meadow

- Cynthia,I'm very impressed with your list...especially the happy dance parts. I haven't had that many happy dances this year and am very jealous. I also have more WIPS on stretcher bars with a few stitches started than you do. I can only boast of an organized stash closet. It is pretty to look at, but doesn't make me stitch any faster or more often. BOO HISS. Can't wait to see the promised pictures of the finished items. Keep up the good work.
Kelly W.

Originally Posted: August 13, 2007

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