Tuesday, November 11, 2008

“Boo and Stash Enhancement” -- November 11, 2008

I belong to several ANG Chapters including the San Bernardino Chapter.

I’m a long distance member and they are very supportive of those who can not attend meetings. They offer many different programs, classes and projects through out the year and many of these are open to their long distance members who are referred to as “Ghosts” for the classes. Very appropriate for this post! :-)

They recently offered several classes and projects by Janet Zickler Casey. Since I enjoy stitching her designs, I ordered several;


“Trick or Treat” A Spooky House”

“Along Came a Spider”
No picture available.

They all arrived at my house in time for Halloween. I wanted to add one to my rotation so I finally decided on “Boo!”. I quickly put "Boo!" on stretcher bars and began stitching. I decided that I would stitch Boo’s eyes and mouth during this rotation. The eyes worked up quickly though it took me several try’s to get the outline of the month just so. Okay, I’m picky! :-)

My teenagers did not trick or treat this year so they were taking turn’s answering the door. This has been my job for many years as I enjoy seeing all of the children’s costumes while DH would take our children around the neighborhood!

We decorate the outside of the house and play fun spooky music out through an open window. The inside of the house by the front door was dark except for my stitching light. I was sitting by the light quietly stitching until we heard someone coming up the walk. I would quickly turn out the light as one of the kids answered the door so the inside of the house would be dark. Since my kids were now the “official” door answerers, I had to peek around the corner to see the children in their costumes. Once we were done, I would return to my stitching corner and turn back on my light.

This was lots of fun and what made it even more fun was that the white portion of the eyes and the center of Boo’s mouth were stitched with Kreinik glow in the dark threads. Yep, they really glow! We thoroughly tested them that night!

Enjoy my start on “Boo!”

I hope you had a fun Halloween or at least had some great candy!!!

Glad you could visit! :-)

Windy Meadow


StitchingLawyer said...

Those are such cute pieces! And that house. It is to die for!

Love to Stitch 99 said...

Hi Cynthia,

I also have the three of them but have not started yet. I guess it will be for next year as I received mine rather late and had other projects that I needed to work on.

It will be great fun to follow your progress. Those are just so cute.

Pierrette =^..^=

NCPat said...

These are great pieces! Have fun!

Ruth said...

I love the thought of you pering out to see how cute the little darlings were :)

Have fun with your ghostly stitching!