Sunday, November 16, 2008

“Heartstrings Chimney Santa” -- November 16, 2008

I’ve been able to make some progress on my Heartstrings Chimney Santa!

When you last saw him, I had finished the face and was working on his coat. I was able to finish his coat and the fur on his coat last week! I’m planning on stitching his mittens, stocking, tree, and the star during his turn in the rotation.

Pat writes great stitch guides and even though I’m comfortable choosing my own stitches for painted canvases I usually follow her stitch guides.

The main reason that I make changes to a stitch guide is that I like full stitch coverage on my canvases. Now, before you all comment that lighter stitch coverage is perfectly acceptable and that it allows the painting to show through let me add that this is a personal preference and that I prefer to cover most of the canvas. And, yes, I’ve tried lighter stitches but I just don’t like them. :-)

I’ve modified my rotation a little bit as I’ve been playing with different options during the last few months. I’ve already discussed that rotating based on a set time doesn’t work as I can’t sit down for an hour at a time. What I’ve found that is really working is to stitch a section or sections on a project when its turn comes up in the rotation. During another post I’ll share with you how many projects I actually have in my rotation. It’s quite a few! LOL!!!

A quick note about the Mill Hill kits as I’ve been receiving some questions. For those who are interested in these kits and who have not tried them before, they are very well written and are a quick and easy stitch. The line is now carried by Wichelt Imports, Inc. To find a retailer near you, visit the Mill Hill site at;

I’ve been stitching and collecting the Mill Hill kits for many years. When the Holiday decorations come out of storage again, I’ll share my finished pieces with everyone!

The stitch on the cuff of the “Peppermint Stripes” stocking was called Woven Ribbons. I’m not sure if it’s in Father B’s stitch book as right now my copy is deep in the reorganizing pile!

Yes, I love the Mill Hill kits and I’ll be sharing a picture of “Merry” soon!

Yes, the “Moonlight Ghost” is a Mill Hill kit. If you can’t find them locally, you can view the line at the Mill Hill link above.

Thanks for letting me know about the new pens and your high tech testing methods! If they don’t run after all of the things that you have tried, they should be safe! :-)

Thanks for all of your comments and emails and for stopping by and visiting my blog!

Windy Meadow


Love to Stitch 99 said...

Hi Cynthia,

This is a cute little project and Santa is looking quite good.

Do you expect to have it all stitched by Christmas?

Pierrette =^..^=

Kathryn said...

Boy, he is looking REALLY great. I know what you mean about covering the canvas. I feel the same way EXCEPT for the windows in Halloweentown by Melissa Shirley. My LNS owner just laid a few strands of transparent thread (for sparkle) diagonally over the windows (they are small). I think it gives them dimension and I don't mind a few strands of canvas showing in this case.

NCPat said...

This is coming along nicely! As far as canvas coverage, it is your piece, and you can do it your way!!

Ruth said...

Wow, he's cool. And I'm with you on the full coverage. I keep aiming to try more open stitches, but they just don't ever seem to "talk" to me when I'm stitching.

Ruth said...

Wow, he's cool. And I'm with you on the full coverage. I keep aiming to try more open stitches, but they just don't ever seem to "talk" to me when I'm stitching.

Beth in IL said...

I think it is great that we have so many options as stitchers these days. To cover or not cover the canvas...that is the question. :) And I do think it is a matter of preference. I think that is why I am having trouble with my MIAC. I don't like the canvas underneath.
Can't wait to hear about your rotation method. I am trying to finish MIAC, but really want to start a santa. Tis' the season!

Stitchingranny said...

He's so cute.

Kelly said...

You are doing a great job on Santa. I have him in my stash too so it is fun to watch someone actually stitch it!