Saturday, November 22, 2008

“Stars in the Sky” -- November 22, 2008

I’ve finished the May, 2008 Canvas of the Month club. This one is by Margaret Bendig and is offered by the Rainbow Gallery.

I enjoyed stitching this design and it worked up very quickly. I added two additional rows of basketweave using the Old Gold for finishing.

I’ve had several questions about the Canvas of the Month projects. These were offered by The Stitching Post which is located in Catonsville, Maryland. They will be offering a Bargello Christmas Ornament Club again next year. This time you will be able to choose between 18 count canvas or 18 count linen. You can read about the club in their quarterly newsletter at;

I’ll be signing up for the 2009 club but I need to get the rest of this year’s ornaments done. On to June’s ornament!!!

Comments, Questions, and Answers:

Since I usually do rotation stitching, the Heartstrings “Chimney Santa” will probably not be finished by the Holidays. He’s actually not that little. He’s apx. 5” by 7” and that doesn’t include the background. Though I might decide to pull him back out again soon! :-)

Thanks for stopping by and I enjoy reading everyone’s comments!

Windy Meadow


NCPat said...

That is so cute! I can't sign up for any monthly projects! I would be so far behind all the time! LOL

Jeanne said...

I love the ornament. I'm tempted to do the Bargello club, so I've sent an email to the shop for some kit cost estimates.

Thanks for enabling! :-)

M&Co. said...

That is lovely, Cyn. I've always been afraid to sign up for a monthly project because I know I'd fall months behind and feel guilty about all I've not been doing.

Frontrange Stitcher said...

Very pretty.I enjoy participating in monthly clubs. They are fun and the projects usually go pretty fast. Their self contained with all "ingredients" and directions handy. Love watching your progress.

Love to Stitch 99 said...


This is a very simple design but it looks wondeful. I just love the colors too :-)

Pierrette =^..^=

Beth in IL said...

Very pretty. I hope Merry will be posted soon....

Anonymous said...

Cyn...the word BARGELLO jumped out at me....I have never gotten into the Month by Month ornaments but I am intrigued by the Stitching Post newsletter. Keep going on your and soon it will be December, whenever it happens.
Jan S