Monday, December 15, 2008

“Snow Cone Santa” -- December 15, 2008

Janet Zickler Casey’s “Snow Cone Santa” is being offered through the Shining Needle Society. As you know, I love Janet’s designs and had to add this one to my collection. :-)

Since this is offered as a class through the Shining Needle Society, I was determined to keep up with the class lessons for this Santa!

Well, I started off great as you can see by the picture below. I was able to quickly stitch Santa’s face. I took a picture at this point and started working on the next steps which are his beard and his hat.

I took pictures of our Santa (note the picture above) and several other progress pictures of my other projects to share with you, my dear readers. That’s when I ran into my “challenge”.

My dear daughter left last week to volunteer at a school run outdoor school for sixth graders. She was one of the counselors and she would be away for the whole week. This past Sunday she was having troubles getting her camera to work. Of course, like any other doting mother, I told her she could take my camera if she couldn’t get hers to work. Please note, that I said this while busy with other activities and while forgetting all of the recent lovely pictures that I had taken that weekend. So off goes dear daughter to camp… with my camera. I then drove myself nuts for several minutes trying to find the camera to upload pictures before I remembered that she probably had it up at camp. Sigh…

I think dear daughter will be getting a new camera soon that works!

Both dear daughter and camera have safely returned from camp. The camera was fine but did I hear stories of weather as we had over an inch plus of rain in about 36 hours last week.

I will now be able to share my recent (okay, I know, they are over a week old), pictures with everyone.

Glad to see that you all enjoyed “Merry”.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Windy Meadow


NCPat said...

Cyn, great shot of the face and can't wait to see more. I did not get this one, but will be starting Candy Cane in a while! They are so fun!

Frontrange Stitcher said...

You're a good mom. Looking forward to seeing pics of your progress. The SNS is just the greatest idea giving so many more stitchers the opportunity to take classes from fabulous teachers and right in the comfort of their own home.

Margaret said...

I love those Santa's! And thus far, I've managed to resist them. And with you stitching them, I can live through you. Keep up the good work.

Beth in IL said...

Mine is almost done. I need to redo the pom-pom on his head and do some tent stitches and he will be done. Are you finishing your santa yourself? I am scared of all the curves!