Saturday, December 27, 2008

Technical Difficulties in Windy Meadow - Please Stand By!

We are currently having computer technical problems in Windy Meadow.  

Actually, we've been having computer technical difficulties since before Christmas.  Sigh...

Dear Husband decided that the main computer needed to go in for service.  Well, that's been one adventure after another.  They started working on it before Christmas and due to construction next door, they lost power for hours.  Sigh.  

Then it was time for the Holidays so everyone went home for the day, especially since they still didn't have power.  They finished everything they needed to do yesterday, but the new hard drive had not arrived.  DH went over today to pick it up so it can be used until the new hard drive arrives.  Guess what won't connect to the internet today?  Yep, the main computer.  We are now all sharing the laptops and I'm on the Apple which I usually don't use.  Right now, DH is NOT a happy camper. 

I'm slowly catching up on everyone's blogs and I've been enjoying reading about everyone's Holiday's and/or your current stitching projects.  I'll catch up with comments soon.  :-)

I've been stitching and I have lot's of pictures of stitching projects, stitching gifts, previously stitched projects, and Christmas trees to share with everyone.  The pictures will have to wait until the main PC is back up and running as I don't want to load them here and then have to move them later.

In the meanwhile, I hope everyone is having fun, spending lot's of time with family, received lot's of stitching goodies, and that you are finding time to relax with your stitching!

Back to stitching and having fun with the family.

See ya soon!!!

Windy Meadow


Beth in IL said...

Hope your computer problems are healed soon. My dh was threatening to take a jackhammer to ours. Looks like we will be upgrading soon....I am still waiting to see your rotation system posted. I keep mulling over mine, or rather my lack of one. :) Happy New Year!

Ruth said...

Hey Cyn -- I'm in DC thru the 7th..... any chance we can meet up? :)


Frontrange Stitcher said...

Cyn, Sorry you're having technical difficulties, most annoying. We'll be waiting patiently for you to get things back online and published. Nice to have some extra time to stitch when the computer is down. donna