Wednesday, December 17, 2008

“Cats & Bats and a Pumpkin!” -- December 17, 2008

A while ago…

Actually it was in October of 2008, that Laura of Laura J. Perin Designs posted a free design, “Cats & Bats” on her website. Of course I decided that I needed to stitch this new design, and I was determined to have it done by Thanksgiving.

I rummaged through the stash (we will not mention here that I was distracted for several hours). I finally selected some lovely black canvas to use. Eventually I found my DMC #5 perle cotton (more updates on the stash reorganizing adventure soon) and I was stitching away.

The border worked up very quickly and then I ran into my stumbling block. Why oh why did I use black canvas???

Because I thought it was a good idea at the time she says while thumping herself on her forehead.

You see, Laura’s two center elements for this design are a black cat or a black bat. Please note that these will not show up very well on black canvas. No, I am not yelling, just speaking with lot’s of emphasis. Sigh…

So here I sat, looking at my canvas, going “now what” as I put on my thinking cap or should that be a sorting hat? Do I stitch a purple cat or a purple bat, how about adding a sparkly thread to the black DMC #5, or should I design my own element for the center. Hmmm… all of these have possibilities.

I then decided to visit my local large box craft store and my local LNS to see what type of buttons or other fun objects would go in the center. No, I wasn’t looking for excuses for another shopping trip! Please don’t notice the crossed fingers behind my back… After lots of stash enhancement, I had a nice collection of possibilities.

About this time, I decided to catch up on my blog reading and talk about perfect timing! Laura had just updated her blog with the
“Border Bits” entry, which had another sample of the stitched chart with a pumpkin in the center! I was excited that the orange pumpkin would work with my border on would show up on the black canvas. As you can see below, the pumpkin worked out beautifully!

Oh, you asked what I’m going to do with all of the buttons and things I picked up as possibilities? Well, I like some of them so much I’m planning on stitching up a few more “Cats & Bats” ornaments. This time I’ll be using ecru and lavender/purple canvas and maybe another one on black. I’m still intrigued with the idea of a purple bat and cat. So yes, they will eventually be used.

Laura’s blog is the
“Two-Handed Stitcher” which I highly recommend!

Glad you stopped by!

Windy Meadow


Napa Needlepoint said...

Cyn -

Love the result. I, too, hate black canvas, especially after that incident when I deliberately stitched with black thread on black canvas in pattern darning to get a nice textural effect.

The end result was lovely, but boy was it a terror to stitch and my eyes were better then.

Keep Stitching,

M&Co. said...

Oh I love it when things work out like that! And it's so cute.

Beth in IL said...

Glad you did not throw it away in disgust like I often do when frustrated! I like the orage pumpkin in the center.