Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Calloway Gardens" -- June 16, 2009

The Calloway Gardens School of Needle Arts has just finalized the details of the course descriptions for the classes that will be offered in January, 2010.

Not only will there be 13 days of needlework classes, but there will also be a needlework boutique and bookstore. The Embroiderer's Guild of America Georgia chapter has a juried show of needlework and they also offer a merchandise night during each sesssion. All of this is located at gorgeous Calloway Gardens!

Every year I have a wonderful time reading through the course descriptions. I'm looking forward to attending in future years when I have more free time to travel. I can see myself spending all day stitching while I send DH out on the local golf courses. We can then visit with each other during dinner, that is when I'm not visiting the bookstore, the boutique or the merchandise night! LOL!

Have fun browsing through the catalog and let us know if you plan on attending!

Windy Meadow


Denise Felton said...

Thanks for the wonderful heads-up! I just put a link to this post on my blog. I hope it brings you a few extra clicks and participants.


Brigitte said...

No wonder that you want to participate in these great courses one day. I'd like to go there too - one day when I'll be retired.

Althea DeBrule said...

Hi, I just posted an article about the School at Calloway. I attended for seven years and enjoyed every minute of the two weeks each year I spent there. Thanks for letting me know about the 2010 session.


Beth in IL said...

I wish my husband did golf so I could copy your idea! Thank goodness for the SNS so I can take quality classes that way.

Um...what did you decide to do for your challenge? Are you going to sign up for the Santas on the SNS list? Inquiring minds want to know....