Sunday, June 1, 2008

“Fifteen Minute Stitching Challenge” -- June 1, 2008

I’ve decided on setting a goal for myself during the month of June, 2008. I’m challenging myself to stitch at least 15 minutes each day. Cross your fingers that I’m able to meet this goal!

You are also welcome to join me in my challenge. Just let me know by commenting if you too have decided to stitch at least 15 minutes each day. I’d love reading about your progress. :-)

Why a stitching challenge you ask? Well school is almost over for this year and I am wrapping up some of my volunteer activities. So I’m planning on having more time to stitch. I also want to get more stitching done for fun and to make some progress on my projects. I haven’t had any project finishes for a while though I can see that I’ve made progress on all of my projects.

Why a stitching challenge in June? I’ve seen other stitching and posting challenges on other stitchers blogs but they always seem to be scheduled for my busy times. For example, I really don’t have time to post a blog entry every day during the month of November. I mean talk about a busy time of year! :-) I usually have a lot more free time during January through February and then mid-June through the third week of August.

I’m already cutting it a little close to meet my goal for today. It’s already past 9:00pm our time so as soon as I post this entry I’m heading over to work on my projects.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I love reading everyone’s comments! :-)

Windy Meadow


Kathryn said...

Good luck with your 15 minutes of Stitching Fame! I'm sorry I can't join you as THIS is the busy time of year for me. Three major conventions back to back to back. We just finished on in Santa Clara, CA, are running the one in Las Vegas over Fourth of July weekend, and will be driving to Denver for Worldcon. I am determined to stitch in June. I even started a new project this evening. But I can't promise to stitch every day. I may not have even 15 minutes some days.

Stitchingranny said...

I think thats a good goal. I do try and stitch for about an hour or so each day but somedays like today life gets in the way and I have not even lifted my needle. When I retired last October I thought I would spend every afternoon stitching but its not worked out that way - still life is fun and thats what matters.

Ruth said...

Good luck on the 15-minute challenge! I either manage hours or nothing. What's that they call that... oh yeah, feast or famine. :)

I'm sorry I've been slow coming by recently, but I am loving seeing your needlepoint progress. I need to get a couple needlepoints out to work on. The ones I "need" to get done are all basketweave though and I get soooo bored. Maybe I'll haul out one of the big, huge, annoying but entertaining ones. lol Yeah, I'll really get a lot done on that.

Say, how do you like working with the tacks? I've always been a staple girl, but frankly I've never tried the tacks.

napaneedlepoint said...

I think I'll join the challenge since I've managed to stitch 15 minutes every day so far this month. But I think I'll make it harder for myself and say it has to be 15 minutes on something for me, not a model.

Both Sunday and yesterday I worked on (and finished) a Kathy Schenkel round ornament which is of my three-legged cat, Astro.

Maybe if I do this I'll actually get something else finished this month for change.

Keep Stitching,

Nancy said...

Hi Cynthia, and thanks for visiting my blog! You have some beautiful needlework, and I love your firecracker cookie! I have seen these for Christmas and Halloween but never the 4th.

Terry said...

Good luck with your 15 min challenge I too tried that earlier but soon fell by the wayside and now seem to have days that are only 18 hours long instead of the 24 so nothing seems to be getting done, still I live in hope and would love to join you but have too many other things on my plate at this moment in time

NCPat said...

I try to stitch at least an hour each day! As soon as dinner is done, I head for the stitching room, and get started. LOL

Ruth said...

So, Cyn, how goes it?

Jeanne said...

Great goal! I generally get in at least 15 minutes each day.

(And to answer your question on my blog about Mystery in a Corner: I've finished part 1, and can't do any more until I get the next part of the mystery! I don't believe Gay Ann has even sent out part 2 yet. Thanks for asking!)

Cyn said...

Hi Jeanne,

Ummm... I was being "funny" about "Mystery in a Corner"! :-)

I have also ordered the chart from Gay Ann and I do know that she hasn't mailed the next section.

I probably should have added that you are way ahead of me on the project. I haven't picked out my canvas or colors yet.

I love the colors that you are using. Would you be willing to share them?

Windy Meadow