Saturday, June 21, 2008

“Additions to Blog Roll” -- June 21, 2008

I’ve made some additions to my needlepoint and cross stitch blog rolls. When I find a new blog, I read every entry including the comments. Yep, every one! By the time I’ve read every entry and comment, I can then decide if I want to keep visiting the blog and if I want to add them to my blog roll. Now, I have very loose criteria but one of them is to update occasionally, and by that I mean at least several times a year. I’m not expecting professional writing but I do like to see pictures of projects. If they do needlepoint and other forms of embroidery, I add the blog to my needlepoint blog roll. If they stitch cross stitch and other embroidery designs, they are added to my cross stitch blog roll.

I’ve just added Kathryn’s blog, “Threads of Desire”. Kathryn does both needlepoint and cross stitch. Kathryn is working on some lovely designs and helps to organize fan conventions. Kathryn spends most of her time in either Las Vegas or in Hawaii and writes wonderful reviews of new technical products.

I’ve also added Ruth’s blog, “The Musing Badger”. Ruth does both needlepoint and cross stitch. She is active in several exchanges and I don’t know where she finds the time to stitch all of the projects that she does every year! She is a very entertaining writer with a dry wit and is a fun read.

Pam’s blog, “The Left Handed Stitcher” has also been added. Pam is a young mother and I’m not sure where she finds the time to stitch everything that she does as I remember how busy those days were when my children were young! Pam is also a member of EGA and does both needlepoint and cross stitch. She just designed her first Biscornu pattern and I think she did a wonderful job!

I’ve also added Coni, “The Spinster Stitcher”. Coni does both needlepoint and cross stitch, is new to blogging, and has a lot of pictures of projects in her blog’s slide show! Her dog Stewey might not be as pleased with her blogging adventures as she has the pictures of him with his baby teeth at the top of her blog. The last we heard from him he was discussing this situation with “his people” to see if “his people” needed to talk to “her people”!

Madonna of the “Frontrange Stitcher” blog is also new to blogging. She stitches primarily needlepoint but does enjoy other forms of embroidery. She was a recent stop on Janet Perry’s Bargello virtual book tour.

I’ve also just added Jan, “Stitchlady’s Weblog” to my blog roll. Jan is very new to blogging and is currently working on a Joan Thomasson Santa, “Colonial Santa”.

Vonna from “The Twisted Stitcher” has also been added to my cross stitch blog roll. Vonna is primarily a cross stitcher and posts frequently to her blog. She is very involved in many different exchanges, thirty last year! She also plays music on her blog so don’t be surprised if your computer starts singing to you!

I’ve also added Debby from the “Stitch Wizard” to my cross stitch blog roll. Debby lives in Texas and has been a frequent poster over the last several years. Lot’s of entries to read which is always fun!

Please have fun visiting the new additions to my blog roll, especially the newest additions to the needlework blogging community. We want to keep them posting with news and with pictures because if you don’t have time to stitch, the next best thing is reading about stitching! :-)

I’ve added other stitchers to my blog rolls since I started my new blog on Blog Spot but since I can’t remember who I added when, please have fun and visit all of them!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate and read every comment!

Windy Meadow


Stitchingranny said...

wow I am honoured that I am one of just three you choose for your cross stitch section Cyn. I do try to keep my blog interesting with a little personal stuff but mainly stitching, which I feel is what people want to know about. I also try to include pictures in each blog and to not assume everyone knows what I am talking about. Sometimes it is hard to know if you have the mix right or not as though I have lots of visitors each day very few leave a comment. If I visit and do not leave a comment it is because I either do not like or am not interested in the subject so it makes me wonder why so many people do not leave comments.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks for the mini reviews of blogs you like, Cyn. There are so many it is hard to keep up recently. I limit myself to NP blogs now. No way can I read XS ones, too!

People don't comment for a lot of reasons. Many folks are shy. Others are simply too busy to take the time as they sneak in a visit at work and can't spend time talking to you there.

And blogs don't make it easy to comment. Writing this comment I lost it and had to start over three times. Yahoo 360 only lets folks comment who have a Yahoo account themselves, but it is very easy to find out if folks have commented and reply. Blogspot allows monitoring of comments to screen for spam but it is hard for me to reply to folks who post a comment. So some of the trouble is technical.

And finally I think many folks don't know they can comment. They don't notice the Comment link at the end of entries. So don't worry--it's not you! A lot of things conspire to keep folks from talking.

Jane, waving from Chilly Hollow

Coni said...

Thanks for the shout out, my friend! I'm just blown away by the kindness and generosity of stitchy bloggers. I confess to reading blogs for a year before I even thought of commenting. I suppose you could put me in the "shy" category. I also read about 500 blogs a day so commenting on all of the wonderful stuff out there would just be impossible! Thanks again for the lovely review and for all of your comments. I am THRILLED to know ya'!