Tuesday, June 10, 2008

“Questions & Answers” -- June 10, 2008

I’ve had several questions on the comments that I would like to answer as I do appreciate those of you who have commented. If you have visited my blog, please feel free to post a comment or drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you and then visit your blog or just hear from you and then I’ll encourage you to start a blog! We need more needlework blogs!!!

Hi Kathryn, pick another month for a “Fifteen Minute Stitching Challenge” which works for you and I’ll see if I can join in. Just not December she pleads! LOL!

Hi Helen, thank you for visiting from over the pond! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are working on. Also, American English isn’t like other countries English so it’s fun to read English blogs from around the world. Plus I like seeing the materials that are available to you there in England. I was surprised to learn that many of the stitchers in other countries are ordering their supplies from US shops. We are spoiled with needlework goodies here aren’t we?!

Hi Ruth, yes I do like tacks better than staples. First of all, I’m dangerous with a stapler! :-)

I find that tacks are easier to use to attach a canvas to the stretcher bars. When I slid the point of the tack into the wood, I do so at an angle. As I push the tack in, I straighten it up which helps nudge the canvas in the direction away from the angle that I started the tack at. In other words, the tack will be tilted into the center of the canvas. As I’m pushing the tack in, I’m straightening it up so it is now centered over the stretcher bar which helps pull the canvas a little bit more towards the stretcher bars. I usually push the tacks in using my fingers but there are two dohickys (whose names escapes me right now – update we found the memory entry - one is a “EZ Tack-It” and the other option is a “Corjak Tack Kit” just google them) which you can use to help push the tack in. I have one of these and it is helpful to reduce the wear and tear on the fingers but usually I just push the tacks in myself.

I must admit I love to stitch basketweave. It’s very rhythmic and relaxing and is great to do while watching TV as you don’t need to concentrate on the stitch. Ruth, why don’t you add one of your basketweave projects to your rotation and stitch on that project while watching TV or your movies? If you break up the stitching, you’ll be surprised how quickly each project will be completed and you won’t be so frustrated/bored. Especially since basketweave is one half of a cross stitch. See, it’s quicker than what you are already stitching! LOL!!!

Ruth you need to update your blog with your needlepoint progress. I want to seeeeeee…. ;-)

Janet, you do need to stitch every day for yourself otherwise this will become too much like a job! We need to see what you are stitching just for you and your loved ones. Please share on your blog or create a simple blog just for those pieces. For those who might not know, Janet writes needlepoint books and designs stitch guides. She has a job that most of us want but she the challenge is as part of her “work” she is constantly stitching to deadlines. And yes Janet, I’m working on the Bargello Challenge which I’ll share with everyone soon as we planned! :-)

Hi Nancy, Janet of “A Collection of Designs” has lots of cookies for many different themes. Check them out here;


Right now “The Stitching Post” in Catonsville, Maryland has Janet’s trunk show until this Saturday, June 14, 2008;


Hi Terry, maybe you can join us for the next Fifteen-Minute-Stitching-Challenge. And believe me, I understand about those days getting shorter and shorter. Unless you are on a deadline and then you are in a panic as you are running out of time! Funny how that works she says with a puzzled look on her face. :-)

Hi Pat, ah man, you can stitch for a minimum of one hour per day?! Okay, I’m officially jealous! Actually I used to be able to stitch for several hours each day. Of course, that was before husband and children who I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m at the busy time of life which I’ll look back on with fondness and wonder how the heck I got everything done!

Okay Ruth, it’s going… Picture me as a duck, serene on the surface of the water but those feet are really moving! :-)

Hi Jeanne, I posted on your blog the question about Gay Ann’s “Mystery in a Corner” and I meant the comment to be humorous. Okay, that one fell flat on the floor. Sigh… I do have Gay Ann’s “Mystery in a Corner” and I do know that she hasn’t mailed the next section yet. If I was as far along as you, I’d be watching the mail box every day and lurking for the mail carrier. Thank goodness she hasn’t mailed the next section yet, as I haven’t even purchased my supplies and I don’t know when I’ll get to this project with everything else going on. I didn’t need another project, of course, but I couldn’t resist, of course! LOL!

I’m hoping to do a little gift stitching this week as DS will be going, as we say around here, “Downy Ocean” for the rest of the week with a friend and his family.

I’ve also taken pictures of my projects as of Sunday night which I hope to share with everyone. That is, if our Internet is available tonight (she says while crossing her fingers which is hard to do while typing… Okay, I crossed my toes instead).

Thank you for visiting my little piece of the blog-o-sphere!

Windy Meadow


Rick said...

I doon't do needlepoint, but I do blog.

NCPat said...

Pictures?? You said pictures???

Stitchingranny said...

I get so jealous when you talk of popping to your LNS's. It is a day out to get to my nearest LNS. Hobbycraft used to be good but now about the only thing stitchingwise they carry is anchor or dmc thread and needles. It must be lovely to walk into a stall and choose colours and fabrics, not like chooseing from the internet and they finding the colour you chose looks completely different in real life. Also the price is so much more expensive. In some cases 50% more than you would pay on the internet. A dmc thread in a needlework shop would be around 70p which is almost $1.5

Possibilities, Etc. said...

Hi Cyn - this is the only contact I have for you. I am working on Gail about the ducks - I think a wood duck would do. I used to paint ducks and quail when I lived in Tallahassee for a shop in Thomasville, Ga. - people love those things, and so do I

Possibilities, Etc. said...

Me again - P.S. do look at the peacock of Gail's I'm doing on my blog - I do love her work. It's a "rollie"

Vonna said...

Hi Cyn! "Nice to meet you"! I definitely will return the favor and read your entire blog and comments as soon as I get a chance to! Looks good so far! :)

Ruth said...

Cyn -- Quack! Quack! lol That's both of us, GF.... just paddling along. I'm not sure I manage the requisit calm surface demeanor though.

Thanks for the info on tacking. I'll have to give it a shot. I'm notorious for loosinging canvases and being prissy about having to have them really tight to want to stitch. The trick iwth putting them in sounds like it'll help a lot. Thanks!

Stitch Lady said...

Good morning, Cyn
I want to hear more about this "bargello challenge" I love bargello and create some of my own designs.