Wednesday, February 10, 2010

“January, 2010 Christmas Red Ornament” -- February 10, 2010”

In between digging out from all of the snow this past week, I was able to finish up the January, 2010 Christmas Red Ornament this past Monday.

"Christmas Red Ornament"
Sally's 2009 Christmas Lights from
Rainbow Gallery
Offered by The Stitching Post in Catonsville, Maryland
January, 2010

The Stitching Post in Catonsville, Maryland is offering 12 Christmas Lights for their 2010 Canvas of the Month Club. These were designed by Sally for Rainbow Gallery and are based on a concept by Susan Portra.

This was a very quick and fun stitch. I’m already working on the February Green Ornament which I hope to share with you soon!

I know that I have the original patterns that were designed by Susan for
Rainbow Gallery in my stash. Hmm, I’ll have to find those when I start organizing again! :-)

By the way, the top of the ornament is actually gold which just wouldn’t photograph well! Especially with the gray skies we have been having with all of this snow. I’ll post a second picture below which hopefully shows the gold better. Sigh…

I decided to stitch the Christmas Lights as the series that I’ll be stitching will participating in Yoyo’s 2010 Christmas Stitch-a-Long. Yoyo decided in November, 2009 that she needed some encouragement to work on her Christmas designs. So she decided to create the 2010 Christmas SAL. The rules are very loose and you can read them by clicking on the 2010 Christmas SAL links.

Basically, the participants are to pick a design or series of designs that they want to stitch that have a Christmas theme. The goal is to spend the first week of each month working on this project. Did I mention that the rules were loose? Yoyo just asks that we send her a new photo by the end of each month so that she can post the photo in our Christmas SAL photo album. Hopefully by the end of year we will have made a lot of progress and we meet some new stitchers and have some new fun blogs to read. :-)

If you think that Yoyo’s name sounds familiar that’s because she is the creator of the Totally Useless SAL!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you are staying safe and warm this winter and staying busy with some fun stitching!

A Snowbound Windy Meadow


stitchinfiend said...

That Christmas Light is lovely can't wait to see more from this series.

Nancy said...

A pretty ornament, and it looks like fun to stitch! I'll have to get some of my needlepoint out some day soon.

NCPat said...

How wonderful! You will have lots done by the time December rolls around--great idea!

Beth in IL said...

Another finish for the year? I am jealous! I guess if I stop starting new projects, I may get an old done! Stay warm and dry.

Brigitte said...

Christmas Light looks wonderful. Looking forward to the next finish.
Wow, you are under a firm cover of snow right now. I hope that plow guy could clear your driveway and sidewalk again. And I hope that the forecast of Punxsutawney Phil will prove wrong. For you and for me, lol.

Siobhan said...

Good for you, with your Christmas finish!! I need to get cracking on my February ornament. I'm usually good through January and then my interest starts to lessen and by April, I have stuffed all of my Christmas charts into the drawer. Then October rolls around and I'm kicking myself all over again. I'm going to check out the Christmas SAL!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Does each month have a different design on the lightbulb?