Sunday, February 14, 2010

“February, 2010 Christmas Green Ornament” -- February 14, 2010”

In between digging out from the second major snow storm of the week, I was able to finish up the February, 2010 Christmas Green Ornament this past Friday.

"Christmas Green Ornament"
Sally's 2009 Christmas Lights from
Rainbow Gallery
Offered by The Stitching Post in Catonsville, Maryland
February, 2010

The Stitching Post in Catonsville, Maryland is offering 12 Christmas Lights for their 2010 Canvas of the Month Club. These were designed by Sally for Rainbow Gallery and are based on a concept by Susan Portra.

This was another very quick and fun stitch. Now I have to wait until March, 2010 for the next ornament. :-)

This is the Christmas series that I’ll be stitching for Yoyo’s
2010 Christmas Stitch-a-Long. I am now caught up as I’ve stitched both the January and February, 2010 ornaments. Actually, I’m thrilled as I finished both ornaments by February 12, 2010! LOL!

Dee asked if there is a different design on each light bulb. Yes, there are different designs and different threads used on each ornament. The only repeating design element between the light bulbs so far is the gold Neon Rays+ that is used for each bulb cover. This area is stitched in a long diagonal stitch. We will be using the gold for the first six ornaments so I’m “guessing” that we might be doing the next six with a silver cover. Or than again we might be getting a new card of gold to continue with the next six. :-)

Please note that since the designs are by
Rainbow Gallery each ornament is stitched using threads from Rainbow Gallery. These are a fun way try the Rainbow Gallery threads if you haven’t used them before.

I hope with the two sets of photos you can see the difference in the stitches by clicking on the photos. With all of the “fun” weather we have been having, it’s been a challenge taking photos! :-)

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that enjoy seeing my new finished project!

A Snowbound Windy Meadow


Anonymous said...

I love the pattern in the green! That's really beautiful.

You'll have quite a nice collection by Christmas.

Nancy said...

Another beautiful ornament! I can't wait to see what the entire collection looks like.