Friday, October 23, 2009

Totally Useless SAL -- October 23, 2009

Do you have the patience for one more post about Orts?

Well, I am making up for June, August and September’s
TUSAL posting dates which I missed! Somehow I found the time to post an entry in July (she says while scratching her head). I think after this post I’m still down one but we are not going to worry as hopefully Yoyo will understand. Do bottlecaps count as orts? :-)

Two days ago, I introduced you to Ortie. Yesterday I showed you how I collect my orts in plastic bags for each project until I am done with that particular project.

Once I’m done with a project, I then have a little ceremony (okay not much of one) where I put all of the orts for that particular project in my ort container. So with a drum roll please….. Here’s Ortessa!
As you can see she is getting a tad full as she is a well fed lady, but that’s half the fun. When I finish a new project, I can put the orts in, mush them down a bit, and I have a 7 Layer Ort Salad! LOL!

Yes I do have fun looking at the different layers of orts from different projects. Yes, I do have a tendency to name things and yes each of our cars, among other appliances has been named.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my posts about my orts and I hope you come back again soon as I have some new stitching pictures to share with you. I have been stitching and I’ve finally been able to take some new pictures now that we have had a few days of sun here in Rainy Windy Meadow!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Windy Meadow


NCPat said...

What a grand name!!

Daffycat said...

OMG Cyn, you have me rolling with the hilarious names for your ORT containers. You're such a riot.

RuthB said...

Ewww, a 7-Layer ort salad.... Talk about something that would definitely get stuck in your teeth. :)

Pam said...

Hello Cynthia,

My orts stay with the project until it is finished as well. Then they go into my Ort Port which is a glass rolling pin that I found in an antique shop. If a newly finished project has extra special thread (i.e. sparkly/shiny), I tend to empty Ort Port out to redistribute the orts more evenly throughout. Is that obsessive? :)

Left Handed Stitcher

Beth in IL said...

Glad to see you are back. I need to start saving my orts, especially for my Illinois Canvas project. If I run out of threads for it, I will be up a creek without a paddle. You are always full of good ideas.

Anonymous said...

hey.....this will be great...have lots of left-overs...count me in !


RuthB said...

Hi Orite. Pleasure to meet you. :)

Yoyo said...

Ok girl, it does look like you went a little overboard on TUSAL reporting last month...but hey, it's November, time to update (LOL)....seriously I'm just popping in so say I got a real kick out of your comment on joining the Christmas SAL. WOW, use one or all of those projects, it will be fun to watch any of them come together!

P.S. does this mean that your DD is joining us in the TUSAL, she has a ortie of her own so she must be stitching????? (LOL)

Front Range Stitcher said...

HI Cyn,
LOL! Love your ort commentary. As for my orts, I've never been organized enough to notice where they land once they're cast off like ortphans. My orts are usually clinging to me or my socks and sadly the vaccuum cleaner usually is the keeper of the orts. Yours are nice to look at though in that well fed jar. :)