Thursday, October 22, 2009

Totally Useless SAL -- October 22, 2009

Yesterday, I introduced you to Ortie. Ortie is my former ort container as Ortie has now been adopted by Dear Daughter (DD) as her ort container.

One of the challenges I have had with the
Totally Useless SAL, besides not stitching a lot this summer after finding the TUSAL in May, 2009, is that I stitch on multiple projects at any one time. I am a multi-project stitcher as opposed to a mono-project stitcher. I guess that makes me a MUP stitcher as opposed to a MOP stitcher. :-)

As I stitch, I don’t place my orts for all of my projects in one container. I actually collect them and save them with each project. This way, if I need a little bit of left-over thread, I can dig into the ort bag for that project as opposed to having to dig through a larger container.

As you can see I’ve been placing all of the orts from my “Trick or Treat Heart” project in a small plastic bag. As I work on each project, I place the orts for that project in its own little or sometimes not so little, bag.

Once I’m done stitching on the project, as part of packing up the left-over threads, journaling that project, and packing it up until I decide how I want to finish it, I place all of the orts for that project in my ort container. Yes, I’ll share that container with you tomorrow.

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