Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Journalling Needlework -- April 9, 2009"

Beth asked how do I journal my needlework?

I started journalling a while ago so that I would have a record of what I've stitched, when I stitched it, what threads I used, who it was for, etc.

I decided that as I finish each project, I'll write up the journal entry before finishing or sending it off to a finisher. Then I would just need to add pictures of the finished project to complete the journal entry.
I also decided that I'm going to journal the projects that I've already completed or at least those I still have as I've given away many Works of Art (WOAs) over the years. LOL!!!

I take different pictures while I'm stitching and I only load up a couple to the blog. The rest I save for the journal entries. Since these are for my own use, these pictures include closeups with a lot more detail.

For those WOA's that I've already finished that I still have, I'm working on taking pictures and writing up journal entries.

For those who might be interested in what information I include in my journal entries, I've included a sample journal entry below. Please note that this is formated much nicer in my actual journal entries. :-)

Please let me know if you are journaling and what information you include in your journal entries.

Thanks for stopping by!

Windy Meadow


Once the journal entries are completed (these are typed in Word), they are printed off with the pictures and placed in a journal. So not only do I have the printed copy, we also have the electronic copy.

I've found that it's easier to journal if I'm creating the journal entry electronically as opposed to creating it the entry by writing it in a journal. Please note that these are journal entries, not scrapbooking entries as I feel that the pictures are all of the embellishment that is needed. Though I might get creative with the paper or with borders! :-)

I'm also helping my daughter with journaling her projects, especially as she has only stitched and finished a few so it will be easier to catch up with hers! LOL!!!

“Title of Project”

Stitched By: Your Name

Designer: Designers Name

Gift: Yes or No

Class Project: Yes or No

Purchased: Name of Store.

Kitted: Yes or No

If Kitted: Yes or No
Did the kit include canvas and threads?

Cost: $?.??

Started: Date or approximate date.

Completed: Date or approximate date.

Professional: Yes or No
Finisher If professionally finished,
add in name of finisher or store
through which finishing was done.
If finished by me, add in
finishing details.

Finishing: Date and any finishing details.

Finished: This project was finished as a …
Details It’s about ??“ tall by ?? wide.
Add in additional finishing

Finishing: $?.??

Threads: Thread List

Stitches: Areas – with stitches and threads.
Next area.
Next area.
If using a stitch guide, note any
changes from the stitch guide.

Description: Add in a description of the
project and any fun details such
as why it was stitched, how long
it took, any problems with
threads or stitches, who it was
for, and why I had it finished
the way I did.

Add in progress and finished
photos with the description.

Journal Entry: Written on Month Day, Year.


NCPat said...

Hats off to you for doing all the journaling! Some day someone is going to cherish those records!

Front Range Stitcher said...

I agree with Pat, it's a remarkable way to share the provenance of your work. I think about keeping a needlework journal, but it seems to slip my mind; heaven knows that I have several blank journals laying around that were purchased with such good intentions. I think I have the date written in one! :)

I have heard of others that actually keep track of the number of hours stitched.

Thanks for sharing your journal outline. Madonna

imnverted said...

I keep a journal in a word doc.

Info I keep are the
Title of the chart
Date started
Date ended
Stitched for
Fabric, Thread & Supply info (sometimes $$)
Project notes

When Im done I add a picture to the entry (so I remember what it looked like)

The picture really helps as Ive had a couple charts with the same name but were very different.

I started my journal in 2008 and did what you did and added previous charts and info where I could remember. The blog helps :o)

Stitchingranny said...

I started keeping a history of my stitching a couple of years ago. It is just on the computer and whenever I start a new project I put the name and the date started and then add the date finished when that eventually happens but I do not have pictures or any other details with it.

LIZ said...

Thanks for this description of your journaling. I keep meaning to do this, but never quite do it!

Beth in IL said...

Thanks for posting this. I try to keep a record of what I've stitched, but nothing as detailed as you do. I think I will add how much the piece costs for future reference. Happy stitching.

Denise Felton said...

Excellent idea! I saw Janet Perry's review of this post, and I agree with every word she said! I just put links on my blog to this post and Janet's. Hope they bring you a few extra visitors.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I have done some of what you have but I like you idea of taking pictures along the way and whether or not certain stitches worked out. Great ideas and organization. Mary Lou MI