Saturday, April 18, 2009

“Halloween Hats & Flowers Candy Cane” -- April 18, 2009

Please meet one of my new projects. It’s a “Halloween Hats & Flowers Candy Cane” by “Melissa Shirley Designs”.

They have a series of candy canes and one of the sets is for Halloween. Well, when I first saw these I just had to laugh! I love them!!! I now have two in my stash and I’ve started working on the first one which is “Halloween Hats and Flowers”.

I’m looking forward to adding the rest of the Halloween Candy Canes to my collection. I also love the new candy corn designs. You can see all of the new Halloween designs at “Halloween Ornaments”.

Also please check out the other candy cane sets, “Wintergreen”, “Peppermint” and “Chocolate” which you can see in the “Shaped Category”.

I’m trying to decide which of the chocolate candy canes I want to order first???

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Front Range Stitcher said...

The candy canes are great, I love the one you're starting with. Looking forward to seeing how you stitch these.

Beth in IL said...

I love seeing all the canvases that are out there. Do you think my family would mind if I just stiched and didn't cook or clean? Ha! Fat chance.

Daffycat said...

***giggle*** I love the flowers on the witch hats!

HealthTips said...

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