Tuesday, April 7, 2009

“JB Nutcracker – 1st Day of Christmas” -- April 7, 2009

One of my favorite design series is the JB Nutcrackers. I started collecting these many years ago as I would find them in different LNS’s. These are a fun stitch and they work up very quickly.

I don’t actually collect nutcrackers but there is something about these little guys that has always appealed to me. So much so that I have stitched quite a few of these and actually had them finished into nutcrackers! As many of you know, I do finish stitching projects, but I’m not the best at having the project actually framed or finished into something. :-)

The JB Designs line became unavailable for a while and I was very disappointed… :-(

But there is a happy ending to this story. The JB line including the JB Nutcrackers was picked up “
Julia’s Needleworks” so they are available again! Yeah!!!

You can see all of the JB Nutcrackers that are currently available here;


I’ve added a Nutcracker into my rotation so that I will always be working on one, especially since I have so many of the little guys! LOL

The first one to be added to the rotation is the “1st Day of Christmas Nutcracker”. I’ve made some progress as I have most of the face and the hat done. The next time you see him, I should have both of these areas done.

Update: The problem with uploading the picture was with our main computer. DH is working on it now trying to take off several viruses. Fun in Windy Meadow! Sigh...

Glad that you stopped by and I hope you enjoyed seeing my progress on my nutcracker!

Windy Meadow


M&Co. said...

I've heard the rule is if you have 3 or more of anything, then you have a collection. So, it certainly sounds like you collect nutcrackers! I think they are wonderful to stitch too.

RuthB said...

Oh, I have a couple of those nutcrackers. Hmm. Maybe I ought to dig them up and we can SAL?