Monday, January 19, 2009

“Baby Its Cold Outside!” -- January 19, 2009

This has been the theme for many blogs over the last few days! And yes it’s been very cold and windy here in Windy Meadow!

Today we had a small snowstorm! Since it’s usually brown during the winter in Windy Meadow, I thought I would update my blog header with a picture that I took early this afternoon when it was snowing.

We had a lovely light snow for several hours. It would snow for a while and then the sun would come out, then more snow. This continued for most of the day and I think we had about ¾” to 1” of snow accumulation.

Once the snow disappears, as it doesn’t last long around here, I’ll take another picture so you can see how Windy Meadow usually looks in the winter.

A while ago, there was a discussion online as to what colors do you think of when you think of the winter season. Here in Windy Meadow we have many shades of brown from the trunks of trees, branches without leaves, dried grass, and dormant bushes. We also have various greens from the evergreens and in late winter, we can start to see the new grass growth and the leaves of Daffodils and other early spring flowers.

Hope its warmer where you are or at least that you are warm and cozy!

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Windy Meadow

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NCPat said...

I don't know where Windy Meadow is, but here in the Western Mountains of North Carolina, it is snowing tonight too!