Wednesday, July 30, 2008

“Comments, Questions and Answers” -- July 30, 2008

I’ve been enjoying reading everyone’s comments on my recent posts so I thought it would be time for another episode of “Comments, Questions, and Answers”!

Rotation Stitching

Oh my, I didn’t expect all of the responses and you all are soooo funny!

My purpose in writing the article was to give an over view of rotation stitching and to give some guidelines so that anyone who is interested can develop their own rotation stitching. There have been many posts on different discussion lists and on blogs about specific rotation systems. These are all well and good, but they might not work for everyone as I found they don’t work for me! :-) I need a more flexible system especially since I usually can’t stitch for a set time period. I grab stitching time when I can!

I’m glad that you found my article to be informative (and non-threatening) and it’s been a hoot to read how rotation stitching won’t work for any of you who commented! LOL!!!

I’ve also enjoyed reading about how you organize or don’t organize your stitching and it sounds like all of you are having a lot of fun which is what this is all about! Isn’t it? :-)

I’ve admitted that it took me a while to decide to use a stitching rotation and I must admit that I don’t always follow it. That’s why I finally added a “Random Project” category so when I want to just grab something else I can say that I’m actually following my rotation! :-)

I have found that it has helped with all of those distractions of wanting to stitch other projects. Those “Oh Shiny” moments! :-)

I also know that I don’t get as overwhelmed with everything in my stash as I know I’m making progress and I’ll get there eventually!

Yes, Kathryn I would call your “Yearly Goals” a modified rotation system as you will be working through different projects throughout the year as you work on different projects in different locations even if you aren’t actually rotating through a set of projects.

Pierrette, your system is working for you as you stitch and complete a tremendous amount of projects every year.

Pat, yes I know, I’m working on that hat! More pictures soon!

Carolyn, only three projects? I’m glad that works for you but I have to admit that I need more or I start getting antsy. LOL

Vonna, but look at what you stitch every year! Your system is working for you and that’s all that matters!

Coni, all I can say is I was laughing out loud when I read your comment, especially “Lather, rinse, repeat”!!! Maybe Stewey needs to set up your rotation for you! ROFLOL!!!

Holiday Patches

Jeanne asked how the fabric patches were attached.

The first step is to take your piece of fabric and iron on fusible webbing to the back.

The second step is to cut a piece of felt, in this case green, slightly smaller than the area that will be covered by fabric. This is stitched to the canvas.

The third step is to cut the fabric slightly bigger than the felt but slightly smaller than the border. In other words, the unfinished edges of the fabric will fall right in the center of the border stitching. The fabric is then stitched to the canvas.

The fourth step is to stitch the border all around the fabric which covers the unfinished edge of the fabric.

The fifth step is to enhance the fabric with decorative thread, stitches, beads, etc.

This was a lot of fun even though it seemed like it took forever to get to the stitching!

We have so many wonderful techniques with needlework now than we did thirty years ago.

If you are interested in exploring different needlework techniques I would recommend “New Twists on Needlework Embellishment” by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson. Wonderful book!

Bargello Stocking

Yes, this was lots of fun and it’s very interesting that even though Janet and I used the same line we came up with totally different designs!

Ruth, Bruin Colors? LOL! No, I hate to say that I just picked those colors because I liked them. My High School colors were green and gold, very pretty. My college colors were dark purple and dark gold, not so pretty. Since I’m in Ravens and Orioles country, I should be using purple and black or black and orange! :-)

Pat asked if I was going to finish this myself? ROFLOL!!!
I can do just about anything with a needle in my hand but using a sewing machine… Nope, not going to happen as I find the whole experience very frustrating and my language becomes quite questionable! :-)

The Bargello stocking will be sent to my not so local needlework shop for professional finishing!

This is frustrating for me as my grandmother was an outstanding seamstress. I was the only grandchild who showed any interest in sewing but since she was left handed and I’m right handed I was able to learn certain skills but not others such as sewing with a machine. I have found that I’m very comfortable helping anyone who is left handed learn to stitch as I can translate the stitching techniques and stitches for them quite easily.

My DD is actually right handed but left eye dominant so she writes with her right hand but will do other things with her left hand.

For anyone who is thinking about doing a bargello piece please go ahead. Once you stitch the base line, it’s very soothing and fun! If you do a bargello piece, please let us know as I’d love to see what you come up with!!!

Stitching Goals

Yes, I know they are a lot but it’s what keeps me motivated. LOL!

Stitching Update

I thought I would post my progress on my 2008 goals since it was past the half way mark for the year. I can’t believe that it’s almost August! Where has the year gone?!

I enjoyed writing that post and it helped to see what I had accomplished so far this year. It’s very easy to get mentally bogged down on what is left to do as opposed to what has been accomplished. Especially when you haven’t finished a project in a while.

I hope to finish one of my projects by this weekend and I’ll be posting updated pictures.

My DD is also now done with her high adventure camping event (12 days backpacking in New Mexico) and has made a lot of progress on several of her WIP’s. I’ll be posting those pictures soon.


I do appreciate your comments and it’s a lot of fun to know that I have needlework friends visiting my blog! Especially since I know that you are taking time out of your busy schedules to stop by. Thank you!

Windy Meadow is about to get very windy as a thunderstorm is just about here so I’ll say by for now. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Windy Meadow


Laura said...

Hey, Cyn: I've just listed you as one of my recipients of the BRILLANTE WEBLOG AWARD! Check out my blog tomorrow - July 31st - to read about it...ta ta for now...LAURA

NCPat said...

You are a wonder!

Kathryn said...

Great post. Nope. I am NOT going to call my yearly goals a "rotation". A rotation means that there is some planning, some organizing. Where are all my labeled project bins? Why did I bring the wrong count fabric for Summer Sheep? Why did I lose the WDW Cocoa and have to ask Edgar to send me some? I know I will simply start new things until the pile of WiPs gets so large that I can't move it out of the living room when the cleaners come.

Even now there are several WiPs that are staring at me balefully (like Rouge. Heck, I even stole Rouge's Q-snaps and there she is lying all floppy like.) And yet, will I stitch Rouge next? Nope. Had enough red for a while. And Rouge is not on my Yearly Goals list. Nope, not even on the extra credit goals. So there is a poor WiP that might not even make it to next year's goals, but I did spend a lot of time stitching her already, so rotation? I think not.

Heck, the next couple of things I stitch will probably be Tin Toppers. Didn't even have a pattern for them until a couple of weeks ago. Well, they will be next if I can find the right fabric and the right threads and ...

Sherry said...

I love reading your blog! I had to put down my stitching for awhile so I am just now getting re-started and adding some new ones!

napaneedlepoint said...

Cyn --

I love that about your Grandmother. Mine was a great seamstress too (and knitter and crocheter) but we had the opposite problem. I'm a lefty and she was a righty.

She never could teach me how to knit.

Keep Stitching,

Beth in IL said...

I enjoy reading your blog. One question: how did you get your Candy Swirl Santa's hat so smooth? Sam was having a terrible time with it.

Stitchingranny said...

I can never understand when people say I am not disciplined enough for a rota. It is my lack of discipline that led me into doing a rota and I find that the variety and constant change is what keeps me going. I admire the person who can do one thing and stick with it right to the end without being tempted by something else - oh my that is what I call disciplined. lol. The one thing I disagreed with was the need for a time limit as I just work on a piece for as long as I am enjoying it usually. If after 10 stitches you are not enjoying it then move on, its 10 stitches less next time and even if you only do 10 stitches every time it will eventually get finished. Having said that I have had times when picking the next thing in the rota has found me stitching something I was not in the mood to do and I have maybe only stitched the 10 stitches but the next time round I have picked it up and really enjoyed working the same piece for four or five days.

Ruth said...

Wow! I love your needlepointing. They are all divine!!! And now I've got to go find that BC sheep freebie. lol he's awfully cute and I do have a fondness for sheep.

I have to think about rotations. I sort of stitch whatever calls unless I have something pressing.... and sometimes even then too. lol