Tuesday, July 1, 2008

“Bargello Challenge #2” -- July 1, 2008

Janet designed the Bargello line for the challenge and after I received a copy of the line I had a lot of fun designing my stocking!

The first think I did was design a stocking shape. I usually do this by laying DMC #5 on the canvas. I then manipulate the thread till I get the shape that I want. I then stitch the outline of the shape. I’ve pasted a picture below of the outline of my stocking. I wasn’t thinking about taking pictures when I did this so the outline is in white but I think you can still see it in the picture.

I then stitched a border between the body of my stocking and the cuff of the stocking. I first stitched a
Smryna Cross using Kreinik silver braid followed by two tent stitches one on top of the other using a Kreinik pearl braid.

Since I’m currently working on several Holiday pieces that are in red and green, I decided that I wanted to give my stocking a slightly different look. While visiting my LNS I decided to use Silk and Ivory in blue, cream and yellow as it fills in wonderfully with Bargello stitches on 18 count canvas. I also added a silver Kreinik ribbon to add some texture and visual interest. I selected an ecru canvas as I think it helps when stitching Bargello projects to pick a canvas color that disappears behind the colors of the thread. After completing the body of the stocking, I then stitched the cuff using the first four stitches of the Bargello line in Rainbow Gallery’s white Fuzzy Stuff using two strands.

Once I finished the stocking I added two rows of tent stitch around the stitched stocking in the same color of the canvas which in this case is ecru. This gives the finisher something to stitch on when they are finishing the project and helps keep the Bargello stitches from being pulled during the finishing. Of course, always check with your finisher to see what they would prefer! :-)

I think it’s very interesting that both Janet and I stitched a stocking using the same Bargello line and they turned out so different. We both selected blue for our projects, though we didn’t discuss our color selections before we stitched our stockings. Even though both stockings are stitched using blue threads, they both look so different and both turned out beautifully!

If you decide to use Janet’s line to create your own Bargello project such as another stocking, a star, or any other shape, please let Janet and I know where we can see your project. You can reach Janet at; napaneedlepoint@gmail.com

I had a lot of fun designing and stitching my stocking and I wanted to thank Janet for visiting my blog on her blog tour!

Windy Meadow


Love to Stitch 99 said...

That is absolutely darling. Love the little cuff that you added on top, the curve you gave to your stocking and the colors are yummy.

Interesting what you can do with a simple one line bargello stitch.

Great job!

Pierrette =^..^=

NCPat said...

How cute! Great job on this one...are you finishing it yourself?

Ruth said...

Dang, that's so cool! Congrats on a lovely job!!!! And in Bruin colors no less. :)

Coni said...

Ooooo, I love bargello! Before I started stitching I knew that it would be my very favorite thing, but I haven't done much of it -- sigh. Your stocking is making me thing about this....hmmm. Lovely. Just lovely.