Friday, December 18, 2009

Batten Down the Hatches!!!

Batten down the Hatches or in other words, A MAJOR SNOW STORM is HEADED OUR WAY!!!

Huh you say?

Beginning at about 11:00pm in our area until 6:00am Sunday morning, we will be getting at least 10 and up to 20+ inches of snow. Now I know that this might not sound like a lot to some of you but for this area, that's a lot of snow! :-)

Here in the Mid-Atlantic states when snow is predicted, everyone runs out and buys bread, milk and toilet paper. When they predict a lot of snow, which in this area is 2 to 6 inches of snow, everyone runs out and buys lots of bread, milk and toilet paper and lots of other groceries. When they predict the storm of the century (okay, I know it's only 2009 but that's what they are saying) they run out and buy EVERYTHING! LOL!!!

Usually we try to make sure that we have all of the neccessities several days before a storm is forecasted to arrive but not this week. After a full day of work, I then headed out tonight to the local grocery store with about 500 of my closest friends!

Yes, I didn't get to the grocery store until after 7:00pm and it was still crazy. Everyone was being very nice and friendly so what could have been a very frustrating experience actually wasn't. I also noticed that everyone was being very nice to all of the cashiers as they had been working hard all day!

What made this even more challenging for me was that we hadn't had a chance to do any grocery shopping this week so not only was I getting items for the snowed in weekend, I was picking up everything else that we had not been able to buy this week due to lot's of other activities. Including the afore mentioned bread, milk and toilet paper. Sigh...

We were also planning on putting up some more Christmas lights outside but we haven't been able to as each weekend when we weren't running around with family and school activities it was raining. And by raining I mean heavy, heavy rains! This was our last opportunity to finish up the outside decorating and obviously it isn't going to happen! LOL!!!

Hopefully our power will stay on so we can spend the weekend finishing up the inside cleaning and decorating and hopefully a little bit of baking.

Who will be that standing up at the head of our driveway on Sunday? That will be my husband flagging down one of the trucks with a plow on it's front who drive around volunteering to plow out your driveway for a fee. Or at least he'll be doing that in between using our snow blower to dig out our driveway. :-)

I've already seen several of the trucks with plows cruising around this evening while I was out as they were stocking up on coffee and other neccessities so they will be ready!

Tonight we are going to be playing the fun games of, finding the candles, finding the flashlights, checking the batteries, filling up a bathtube with water (we are on well and septic and if the power goes out, we can't flush as the pump stops pumping), and then putting two cars and a van in the garage.

I'm hoping to be able to stitch a little bit though I really need to dig out the dining room to get ready for next week! LOL!!!

I hope everyone in the path of the storm, stays safe, dry, warm and that you hopefully find some time to stitch!

Back soon!!!

Windy Meadow


Front Range Stitcher said...

Hi Cyn, I hope you do get to enjoy some stitching especially if you're snowed in. Sounds like you're ready for the storm- got all the food groups stocked, etc. :) I just love nesting and stitching during a raging snow storm, but then I usually only have to worry about me and the cat. LOL! Hope you'll take pictures of beautiful Windy Meadow under a blanket of snow.

Kathryn said...

Be safe. Be warm. (Soup? Chili?) Make some time for stitching. We should miss the storm as we don't head Back East until Tuesday (the 22nd). But we will have to brush up on driving in the snow.

Danielle said...

I live in Maryland and we are getting it right now also. Unfortunately, we had holiday plans this weekend that are now cancelled :( And I did go to the grocery store last night, OMG!!!! You would think that we were going to be snowed in for months!

NCPat said...

I thought of you earlier today along with Jane and hope you are doing okay! Stocking up is one thing....going without power is another!

Carol R said...

I feel guilty now. I got up yesterday to find it had snowed and I got really excited - it rarely snows here in our little corner of the UK. Today it's almost gone and I feel sad.

Keep safe and warm and get in some more bread, milk and toilet paper just in case!

Beth in IL said...

Hope you are staying warm and dry. Get some stitching done if you can!

Lee said...

HA! 500 of your closest friends? LOL!

I've just taken a quick cruise through your blog and it's wonderful. I'm close to Grantsville, MD. Are you anywhere near there?

Brigitte said...

I hope it wasn't too bad for you in your region. We saw a lot of your snow storm in our news. I some regions of Germany it was similar but everythiong's back to normal here, just a bit slippery on our roads because after all that snow it started raining on the frozen ground.