Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Many Posts so Little Time! -- July 21, 2009

I turn my back on you all for one minute and everyone starts posting like crazy! LOL!

It's wonderful but I can't keep up right now! Thank goodness the posts will still be there when I can read them. :-)

Not a lot of stitching progress here in Windy Meadow. We are still working hard on DD's large service project and it's taking up all of our spare time. I plan on sharing pictures soon.

In the meanwhile, my daughter's Mini-Kimono was returned from the finisher and it's so cute. Also, two of my recent projects were finished. I hope to take pictures this weekend and I'll have them up on the blog shortly.

Thanks for stopping by even though I don't have pictures for you yet. :-)

Windy Meadow


Mel said...

We'll just wait patiently for those pictures Cyn! ;)

NCPat said...

No problem, we can wait for the photos, impatiently, mind you, but we will wait! LOL