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Entry for March 29, 2006

The basement finishing project is going only quickly. The basement was framed up in three days. Lot’s of sawing and hammering! They’ve been working on the electrical and the wiring and the bathroom fixtures are going in later this week once the first electrical inspection has been completed.

The one thing that we didn’t think of when the project was moved up three weeks was all of the decisions that we would have to make that we had not had time to make. In other words, we were going to use the three weeks before the project started to continue working on downsizing and organizing the basement and to start shopping for materials.

There are a lot of decisions that you need to make and HGTV makes it look too easy! Now, I am an HGTV groupie and I know that it takes more time and effort than what they can show on TV but when you are the one doing the running around and still trying to work, volunteer and just have family time it can get hectic! Have you ever tried to pick out a tub and a toilet? Do you know how many options are now on the market? It is truly overwhelming at times! But we are slowly getting there. The tub and toilet have been selected. We have also selected the bathroom ceiling fan and the bathroom hardware. We know that there will be delays in the project as we had not had time to order cabinetry and after ordering it may not be in for 4 to 6 weeks. Soooo we are going to order the bathroom vanity and sink this weekend. Did I mention that the basement is going to have a full bath? More stuff to pick out, tile, light sconces and a mirror and then of course the toilet paper holder, towel bars etc. Lot’s of fun but it does take time!

We are also working on planning out our snack bar. We are going to have an 8 foot snack bar with a microwave, mini-refrigerator, and a sink. Lot’s more decisions!

What does this all have to do with needlework? I don’t have time to work on my needlework until this is done!

Actually I am very fortunate that since our house is a one story we have a large basement. I will now have a craft room! Yeah!!! We’ve worked out the lighting for the craft room. I am also going to have a large closet. I probably won’t pick out the cabinetry until the rest of the basement is finished. I’ll be happy when I can put a table in there and I can work out of my storage containers for a while as this will be better than what I currently have!

If you have any suggestions about cabinetry, wall colors/treatments, lighting, countertops, I would love to hear them! I was able to go by last night and look longingly at my containers full of needlework projects…

More later!

Windy Meadow

Originally Posted: March 29, 2006

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